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Adventure of a Lifetime: Trekking Everest Base Camp + Surprise Wedding Proposal!

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Thursday, November 12, 2015

NIVEA #BestFaceRevealed Challenge

I love Audrey Hepburn and her iconic classic style. She is not only known for her timeless fashion choices but also her classic beauty. Bold Brows, lined eyes, flushed cheeks and her signature classic pout are still the epitome of chic beauty decades later.

I was challenged by NIVEA to recreate Audrey Hepburn’s Classic Beauty makeup look using only the contents of a special GlamorBox that was sent to me. I love experimenting with different makeup looks but I have to say this clean and classic look is really my go-to because it is effortless, chic and timeless. 

Inside the box:
Pixi H20 Tint
Eye of Horus Dual Brow Perfect
Pop Beauty Shape and Shade Duette Dark Brown and Black
Pixi Sheer Cheek Gel
Ora Long Lasting Liquid Lipstick in Sta. Ana
NIVEA Gentle Cleansing Wipes
NIVEA Deep Cleansing Exfoliating Wipes
NIVEA Lip Butter

It is easy to clean up liquid lipstick mishaps for a super clean lip line. Just wrap NIVEA’s Gentle Cleansing wipes wrapped around your finger and slowly outline the the edge of your lips with it to wipe away any excess.

Was also able to achieve a clean line for my brows and eyes by simple wiping away any excess or fallout without having to disturb the rest of my makeup.

No need to worry about makeup mistakes and having to start all over. I used NIVEA’s Facial wipes to easily clean up any accidental makeup mistakes.

Two wipes is all it took! I also used the same wipes to clean up my makeup on my face to also wipe away swatches I initially made on my hand which I always do when trying out new makeup products. It was quick, simple and easy.

 The finished makeup look! 

 Join the #GlamourBoxPHxNIVEA Your #BestFaceRevealed Challenge as well! Would love to see your recreated makeup looks and how #NIVEAFacialWipes helped you correct makeup mistakes along the way!

Friday, February 6, 2015

MAC Cosmetics SS15 Foundation Session & NEW Product Launches

After the Spring/Summer '15 Trends Presentation the whole group was broken down into 3 smaller groups for a more intimate look and get together with Romero Jennings as he explained in detail the modern way to go about foundation and concealer application as well as the newest technologies when it comes to these products.

He said even as makeup artists and makeup addicts, we have to always inform ourselves about what the latest technologies are when it comes to beauty products. Our environment, weather and demands around us is constantly changing so makeup now has to work twice as hard to deliver and adapt to these changes. The lastest technology in MAC's foundations and concealers make this possible for wear that is longer lasting, more lightweight than ever, has flawless natural coverage yet still looks like skin and not a mask.

The foundation session was set at another location at Shangri-la Boracay. With a view like this how can anyone call this work. I would gladly make this my full time job if this was always my view.

Romero was back for another session but this time for a smaller more intimate group. He talked about the importance of skin care and the importance of the type of products you use before you apply your makeup because can alter the final look and finish of your makeup.

Romero said that people have to learn to use a lighter hand when it comes to applying foundation and concealer. He calls it "select coverage", where you apply your foundation or concealer only to the areas that need it and not necessarily to cover your whole face. 

"You still want your skin to look like skin" he said. Using the new Pro Longwear Compact Foundation from MAC he recommends applying it with a small fluffy brush like the MAC #109 for precise application yet blendable coverage. MAC's new Pro Longwear Compact foundation promises the same 16-hour wear just like its liquid foundation counterpart but with a more lightweight-wear feeling. The compact also makes it easy for touch ups on the go.

He also mentions that for those that are die-hard lovers of the Studio Fix compact they will love the coverage, wear and lightweight feeling of the Pro Longwear compact alot more. He does not recommend applying this product with a makeup sponge because application may be too heavy and also not with your fingers since the heat and oil from your fingers may also alter the finish look of the makeup.


Pro Longwear SPF 20 Compact Foundation
Price: Php 2,100

MAC describes their new Pro Longwear SPF 20 Compact Foundation as providing the same ten-hour wear of their Liquid Pro Longwear Foundation but in a lightweight cream compact perfectly suited for touch-ups on the go. Available in 17 shades, glides on comfortably with a natural matte finish that provides sheer to medium coverage while keeping skin fresh, flawless and leaving it free to breathe.

I wear the shade NC15 mixed with NC20 to get my perfect shade match.

My other favorite products from the Pro Longwear Line.

Face and Body Foundation
Price: Php1,900 for 50ml, Php2,500 for 120ml
MAC's famous Face & Body Foundation is finally available in the country! MAC describes Face & Body Foundation as a water-based, anti-oxidant-rich liquid that goes on smoothly for up to 8 hours of natural-looking wear. Lightweight, soothing and vitamin-rich. I 100% agree and can attest to that claim. This has been my go-to foundation from MAC since I started using MAC products which I believe is already more than a decade! But I would always use my bottle sparingly because it wasn't available locally despite it being 50ml for the smallest bottle! A little definitely goes a long way so I believe from all the foundations MAC offers this one gives you the most bang for your buck. Not only is the wear of MACs Face & Body so long-wearing, natural and lightweight it also photographs beautifully because it has zero SPF and is most suitable for any skin types especially those that are very sensitive and break out easily with other foundations. I highly highly recommend. Even tho the finish is somewhat dewy, people with combination or oily skin can easily matte down this finish with powder. To achieve the beautiful and natural finish of this foundation without looking like a grease-ball, apply powder only on your t-zone. And try MAC's Prep + Prime Skin Refined Zone treatment throughout the day to keep shine at bay.

Available shades: C1, C2, C3, C4, C5, C6, C7, N1, N2, N3, N5, N7,N9

I wear a shade N2.

MatchMaster Concealer 
Price: Php 1,150

MAC describes the new Matchmaster Concealer as formulated to enhance the subtleties of your skin tone. Features the same Shade Intelligence Technology as MatchMaster Foundation SPF 15, utilising breakthrough pigment technology to create a fully personalised, subtle satin finish. Vitamin E conditions as the concealer reduces the appearance of under eye circles, dark spots, discolorations, fine lines and wrinkles, Packaged in a convenient, portable stick in 8 diverse shades with color-true coverage for up to eight hours.

Available shades: 1.0, 1.5, 2.0, 3.0, 4.0, 5.0, 6.0, 7.0

I wear the shade 1.5

195 Concealer Brush
Php 1,450
193 Angled Foundation Brush
Php 2,100

Studio Sculpt Defining Powder
Price: Php 2,050

Two new Studio Sculpt products feature innovative formulas for eyes and face, providing expert definition with a runway-worthy finish,Studio Sculpt Defining Powder provides sheer coverage with a barely-there finish, immediately correcting uneven skin tones, leaving skin smooth and sculpted without looking powdery or cakey. Studio Sculpt SuperBlack Lash achieves the ultimate in sculpted lashes, now in a deep, rich shade of carbon black.

Available in shades: Light, Light Plus, Medium, Medium Plus, Medium Dark, Medium Deep, Dark and Dark Deep

I wear Light Plus and Medium.

Studio Sculpt SuperBlack Lash
Price: Php 1,000

Cleanse Off Oil
Price: Php 1,550

Now with all this long-wearing makeup, how you apply it is just as important as how you remove it. You want a cleanser that wont strip your skin of moisture, easily removes long wearing makeup and even water proof mascara with ease, is not oily and safe to use on a daily basis even on sensitive skin. Problem solved. MAC's also famous Cleanse Off Oil is also finally available locally. Dont be put off by the Oil in the name. This goes on as an oil to help dissolve all the makeup off of your face with complete ease. 
Apply on dry skin, work product in circular motions all over your face even over your eyes, wash off and then towel dry. Your skin is left feeling and looking clean, oil-free, hydrated and smooth. What more can you ask for. Literally a one-step fool-proof makeup removal process.

MAC Cosmetics SS15 Trend Report

I was fortunate enough to be invited to join MAC Cosmetics Philippines' 1st ever out of town trends presentation press junket held last Jan. 27-29 on the beautiful island of Boracay and resided at the equally beautiful Shangri-la Boracay Resort and Spa.

Welcome package from MAC and Shangri-la Boracay Resort and Spa 

It was a trip definitely for the books. Not only did we get to relax and enjoy the company of fellow MAC lovers from the press and make new friends, we also got to get our hands on the latest launches coming up from MAC this year. We also got to attend an intimate workshop and presentation from MAC's Director of Makeup Artistry from New York, Romero Jennings on what he says MAC believes to be the strongest key makeup trends based on the runway shows from New York, Milan and Paris.

The trends are definitely runway worthy but Romero talked us through ways to translate the trends to make it more wearable off the runway. Just like with runway fashion trends, the looks are not always to be taken literally 100% but act more as an inspiration for the direction of looks whether it be for fashion or even for makeup. Romero emphasised that the key trends were very effortless, they were kept very light and fun. To make the looks wearable for everyday he said to keep in mind that the brows are always the most important feature and must be kept groomed, lightly filled in and still very natural looking to frame that face. This season he also said that brushes used were all soft and fluffy to keep everything very blended and light and not hard and drastic.

This seasons makeup essentials to recreate the different key makeup trends according to Mac as well as the coveted MAC Trends book that is not for sale and only available for press and media was available and set up for each guest in a classroom-like setting.

Eyeshadow in Cork 
-can be used to softly define the crease and fill in the brows, essential product of the "No Makeup" look trend
Mineralized Skin Finish Powder in Lightscapades
 -part of the new and current Lightness of Being collection and the key product to achieve the Enlightened makeup trend
Prep + Prime Skin Refined Zone Treatment
-acts like a liquid powder to mattify the skin before or even after makeup as well as minimize the appearance of pores
Lipstick in Razzledazzler
-the perfect orange-pink coral shade for the festival vibe look of the Free Party trend
Studio Sculpt Lash Mascara
-for very defined and volumized lashes to achieve the bold lashes of the Re-View trend
Trend Forecast Spring 2015 Lip Palette

Classroom style setup with all the essential products of the trends as well as information. This years trend book included a removable Trend Forecast 2015 Lip Palette

With Gay Lao, Brand Manager, MAC Philippines

MAC SS15 Trend Report 


This trend focuses on the all or nothing eyeliner and different extreme ways to wear eyeliner and lashes to intensify and bring all focus to just the eyes. Eyeliner was done either in an almost painterly way as if using just fingers or the extreme opposite with harsh graphic lines for an almost futuristic effect. It was about deconstrucintg the classic ways of wearing eyeliner for a more biker chic tough look.

For lashes, they were big, bold and clumpy sometimes even colored for the doe doll-eye effect paired with bare or sometimes glossy lids. There was no middle ground. Lashes, like with eyeliner, it was all or nothing.

Romero's Interpretation of Re-View


This trend is all about flawless looking skin but with less coverage to let ones real skin still shine through for maximum radiance and ethereal looking youth to the face. It also focused on the many beautiful ways you can make the skin catch the light and exude maximum brightness with pigmented highlights and gloss. The look steered away from the shadows of extreme contouring of the past season. It also wasn't about masking the face in maximum coverage but more of precise thought out concealing of areas that  needed concealing. The makeup look was almost futuristic as well where the gloss or highlight was so extreme that it almost made the high points of the skin look almost plastic. The goal and result is skin that is more porcelain than a sun-kissed tan-like glow.

Romero's interpretation of the Enlightened trend. The look is clean but the skin is immaculate looking with select coverage and extreme highlighting to give the skin a luminous glow for that dewy fresh effect as if humidity naturally gave you that look.


No Spring/Summer makeup trend is complete with out that music festival free vibe makeup look. This look highlights bright and fun colors for that girl that looked like she literally rolled out of bed, grabbed the first few products she can get her hands on, applies them haphazardly on the go and just looks effortlessly cool ready to party. Its about mixing unexpected hues in almost fruity colors like lime and watermelon that conjures up a very carefree spirit that is playful, young and innocent. Just like the fashion trends at festivals , the colors and styles are about mixing and never matching for a look that is always unique and one of a kind.

Romero's interpretation of the Free Party music festival vibe makeup trend as always included selective skin coverage to let ones natural skin texture still shine through and a really fun eye in juicy colors that were well blended in and with a matching juicy and glossy almost pink lemonade-like lip.


The "no makeup" makeup trend has been around time and time again every season. But this season it has subtle differences to elevate the look from the past seasons. From all the makeup trends, the au natural makeup look is oddly the one that always requires more precision, detail and products to evoke the look of naturally flawless and gorgeous and well contoured skin. Again like with all the other trends, brows are really given time and attention to perfect. Brows are kept lightly filled to evoke the look of natural brow hair strands and groomed so they are shaped to suit different face shapes. They are then set to keep them looking neat and in place all day. There is no one universal brow shape or trend that spans all women. Each brow shape is meant to cater to a specific face shape that will flatter it the most.

Romero's interpretation of the "No Makeup" trend included immaculate looking skin, well defined and groomed brows, a lightly contoured face, a naturally defined crease and a lip color to match your own natural lip color. A look to enhance your beauty and not to change it.

Stay tuned for my next post more about the trip and another one on the new and exciting Foundation launches of MAC.

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